Monday, June 30, 2008

St.Cloud Crit

P-Slim flexin' his guns

Pete Hanna flexin' his guns.

The wicked fast 1,2 race.

This race was wicked awesome. The juniors race was at 8:45 so we had to wake up really early. When my race started I got clipped in wickedly fast and started going fast right away and I went to the front. I was on the front for all but the last lap. How the race ended for the younger juniors was I got first,Jake Mittelstaedt got Second,and Ryan Shaw got third. My whole family stuck around to corner marshall. The Mens 1,2 race was wicked fast and Adam Bergman and Patty Cakes ended up lapping the entire field and Adam ended up with the amazing win. The Masters 35+ race was cool to watch. John Bagley started an early break away but eventually got caught by the group. Then a little later in the race Ray Coyle and Pete Maxwell broke away and Matt Muyres bridged up and they stayed away till the finish and Pete out sprinted Ray and Matt for the win and Jay Woller won the field sprint and got fourth.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Square Lake Road Race

This is how it all went down. All of the juniors lined up way early because that is how we roll. While I was waiting there I was talking with Aaron Shaw. We were talking about how we raced in the same category last year at this race. After that we started the neutral rollout which was at an awesome pace for all of the juniors. When we started for real I took off just to make the pace fast. We kept racing until we got to that uber scary downhill right before the big hill. A 15-18 junior named Travis got a small gap before the downhill and kept it for a while. So on the way down the hill I was on the brakes a lot and when we turned right the group brought the pace up to catch Travis. Right before the turn up the big hill we caught him. I lead into the corner and attacked super hard the whole way up and eventually got a super small gap. I slowly made the gap larger until Benn Hulbert bridged up to and pulled me to the final corner where he right away dropped me and gained about 25-50 meters until the finish. Benn still had to do another lap because he was an older junior so I turned around after the finish line to see the sprint between my teammate Jake and Ryan Shaw when all of a sudden I see Dan another younger junior get a 20 meter gap and take 2. The sprint between Jake and Ryan Was uber fast and intense but Ryan just got Jake before the line for 3 which made Jake 4.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Townie Ridin'

That was uber hard. That hill felt way longer than it was.