Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sprinters Classic and Stanley TT

Jake and I at the Stanley TT.

Jake and I at the Sprinters Classic RR

On Saturday I decided to do the 15-18 race. When we started we decided to take it easy until mile 10 so we did. at mile 10 I kind of attacked and got a small gap. When I got caught we all worked together and at the 1000 meter sign I started to go 100% and we all stayed together with Benn taking 1 me 2 and Aaron 3 with Sam in 4. My max heart rate was 208 and my average was 165.

In the younger juniors race I wanted to get Jake the win so at the first turn we took off and got a large gap. I let him draft me until the finish where I went hard at the 1000 meter sign and told Jake to go at the 200 meter sign.

On we went to the Stanley TT and it was wicked windy. In the end I got 1 in the 10-13 and Jake got 1 in the 14-19. Ian won overall with Lance Niles in 2 by 10 seconds.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Da Hamel TT

Result frome the 10-18 race.

LSC went 1,2 in the juniors 10-14 with Dan from MNJRC 3 by a small margin and Ryan Shaw in 4 by another small margin.

Dan is like 41 and he still got 3 today and 13 at nationals.

Doug won belive it or not.

I raced at 9:10 so I didn't have to wake up too early. When I got on the trainer and tried to shift into the small ring and it wouldn't go. It turned out that I did something to my cable so I did't have a small ring for the race. When I started I discovered that my magnet wasn't working so I didn't haved any stuff to go by. When I finished I wasn't very happy but I still beat my goal of improving on last years time


Skibby enjoying his 'smellow.

P-Slim roastin' some 'smellows

On the yesterday Me, P-Slim, Skibby, Chazzel Dazzel, Red Lantern, Dave Ritz, and JimmerC went on a 45 mile ride that started at Chazzel's house. We kept going until mile 10 until P-Slim just had to push Chazzel back to the front and went down hard and destroyed the back of his helmet and scuffed up his elbows. We kept going and Red Lantern got all but three primes. I how ever got the Victoria prime. Then we got back had some burgers, smores, and ,smellows.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Northfield Crit

Results from the Juniors races.

The uphill corner.

My race was at 10:45 so it was'nt that early. When my race started Alex Meyer a 15-18 junior went hard right away and dropped me for a while until I caught up to the older juniors group and then right away got dropped. After theat I just kept going hard until Aaron caught up to me and stayed behind me for a while until he had some difficultys and I dropped him. On the second to last lap I just about got lapped but just finished in front of the Tony Olson.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008