Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30 Minute Obama Commercial On NBC

Yeah he is pretty flippin' awesome.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Afton and Green Acres.

Green Acres was flippin' cold but had a cool course. In my race on the first lap I hit a barrier and bent my left shift lever pretty bad. In the end I got second with caleb from the hudson race about 30 seconds ahead of me.The A race was beastly and Doug won by about 2 minutes with Dewey behind him. Smithers had a nasty crash that looked really really bad but he was OK. Lindsey has been doing cross for a few weeks now and she is improving a ton at each race. She also has a good cookie recipe.

You can just barely see the bend in my lever

Got ready on Saturday with just a skinsuit and hoped it would warm up. We got there and what do you know it did right before my race. The start of my race got a little screwed up because on the90 degeree turn about 5-10 people went kind of straight. I was the first person not to turn but my back wheel got hit and I did a little driftin'. I was fine and had to work hard to stay away form the group but at the end it was a sprint between my and Adam Kobel and I just beat him. The Cat 3 was fun to watch because Chazzel Dazzel was on the front until he crashed and drifted back a little. The A race was wicked fast and everone looked fast. Dewey ended up winning and Pattycakes still got top 10 after his 21 birthday.Brian Koneman also showed up and did the A race on his brand new TREK X2 with a sweet-o white stem.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hudson CX Race Yo

Lida at the finish.

Mr.Sexywheels. :)


Fellow juinor 10-14 Nils he had a supa good start

Zach took like four weeks off the bike and still got top 5 jeez.

Cool Bike




Taking a turn on the front.

Me and Caleb.

Da strt

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twine Ball and Wirth

No pictures yet. This weekends races were saweet. Twine ball was cool. The course was cool and there were plenty of people in my race. I figured out to start before the offical bolws the whistle. I was first to the u turn followed by Conrad Roberts and super fast single speed guy John Gorilla. All 3 of us were together for about 1 lap and then I got dropped and John ended up winning Conrad got 2 and I got third.

Wirth was pretty cool. Ther were 103 people in my field so the start was important. I started good and was in the top 10 until a barrier when my seat got caught on my skn suit and my bike crashed into the barrier but i just stumbled but my chain fell off. After I got it back on Nils was right behind me and man is he strong I had to work so hard to get away from him. So in the end I got 19 overall and won the juinors.