Monday, September 29, 2008

John Page's Planet Bike Cup

Went to the race planning on doing the juinors and 3s race. I had the same result in the juniors except Arisotle ripped almost his whole finger nail off OUCH. In the 3s race I got 25 out of like 50 with Jason a few places ahead of me and Super Rookie just a few spots back. Too bad Chazzle Dazzle wasn't there he would have LOVED the course. The elite race looke imposs again with Page and Wells of the front and Page winning in a sprint. Bijorn being the beast he is beat Tim Johnson and got 5.

Super Rookie Schzoling me in the 3s race.

Catching Thompson in the juniors race.

Going up to the run up after the turn.

Me going around a turn.

Me at the start.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

John Page's Planet Bike Cup

Going throug the finish.

The only barriers on the course.

This race was super awsome for me because it was kind of like a crit and cyclo cross race and I thought it was really fun. My race went pretty wells and I won. The elite race looked imposs and John Page totally pushed it and broke away. Bijorn totaly killed it and ended up getting 3 behind Page and the Swiss guy.
Dan Casper got attacked by a tree and still got 5 in his cat.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

TIME shoes and peadal review

I want to start by thanking Smithers and Time for some awsome road and cyclocross shoes and peadals.

First the road shoe review. Very comfy and amazingly stiff sole. I like how there are velcro and buckle straps. Super cool matieral called lorica the is what I would call leathers athletic bro. Shoe don't get hot in races and don't get cold when it rains.

Now the road pedals. Super light and just enough float to help you on hills and sprints but not enough to screw up your peadal stroke. The float is also kind of spring loaded so your foot goes back where it was. It was kind of hard to get clipped in at crits so had to get soft springs. Overall out of Shimono,speedplay,and TIME,TIME take the cake by a long shot because of its larger platform that really helps when you stand up.
I'll review cyclocross Quip after Natz:)

Weekend Racing

Did 3 races this weekend 2 were wisport on Saturday the other was the porkchop challenge.
.Drove down to Waumandee, WI for Wisport Worlds.
.Checked into some sweet cabins in Waumandee.
.Woke up for the TT got dressed,got bikes ready,and warmed up.
.Went out a little hard for the TT but realized it and slowed up a bit.
.Screwed up turn around but accelerated fast.
.Caught my dad and dropped him (SWEET).
.Finished and just about got caught by Lance Niles and Ian.
.Went to awards.
.On the podium it was me and then Jim Moore's son Jim's son did super good and it's only his first race.
.For the TT I rode Donimator's 999's and do I have a new fav wheelset :).
. Decided to do the 1,2,3 road race for experience.
.Started the road race with about 20 people.
.Strat was nice and calm until Dan and my dad attacked.
.Those two got a big gap and we slowed down a little.
.Went up the climb with the front 4.
.went down the downhill and got semi-dropped but Gordy Paulson totally saved my race by slowing down to let me draft him and on the second lap he actually pushed me up to the lead group.
.Thanks super lots Gordy.
Same thing until the last lap until the downhill where I got dropped and Mike Johnson helped pull me back to the group.
.On the finishing stretch Gordy and I attacked as hard as we could go but couldn't get away.
.In the finish Gordy and I got dropped by and got gapped about 100 meters.
.Sprinted as hard as I could against Gordy and just beat him man is he fast.
Next Day
.Drove to Saint Cloud.
.Got ready.
.Lined up for the C race and it looked like a stacked field.
.Started and got passed quite a bit but made it up to top 10 by the first barriers.
.Moved up lead the race for about half a lap and eventually got Third obverall sweet.
A super thanks for Don who helped me get my bike and to TIME and Chris Smith for shoes and peadal.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Next Up For The Olympics

Screw cycling I'm gonna be the world champion cup stacker.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Back To School

Woke up early to go to school just the same as last year. I did almost nothing for the first 90 minutes of the day until my first foreign language class which was American sign language. It sounded kind of interesting and it turns out the teacher has a deaf child who goes to the school for the deaf by S1. After that class I went to my math class and my whole class is filled with skate borders, gossip girls, and only like two of my friends. After lunch I had family consumer ed. I guess all we do in that class is cook and sew so it should be pretty easy. My last class of the day was science which sounds like the coolest class because there are only 4 units. They are earth science, micro-macro, chemistry, and the human body. This year sounds like it will be pretty cool.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Seat

This seat is flipping awesome. I just know it makes you go faster. :)