Monday, September 29, 2008

John Page's Planet Bike Cup

Went to the race planning on doing the juinors and 3s race. I had the same result in the juniors except Arisotle ripped almost his whole finger nail off OUCH. In the 3s race I got 25 out of like 50 with Jason a few places ahead of me and Super Rookie just a few spots back. Too bad Chazzle Dazzle wasn't there he would have LOVED the course. The elite race looke imposs again with Page and Wells of the front and Page winning in a sprint. Bijorn being the beast he is beat Tim Johnson and got 5.

Super Rookie Schzoling me in the 3s race.

Catching Thompson in the juniors race.

Going up to the run up after the turn.

Me going around a turn.

Me at the start.


Painman said...

Dude...sweet weekend of racing.

See ya this weekend.

Jordan said...

You doing the B race?

Painman said...

Oh yaaaa

Jordan said...

Its going to be epic