Monday, October 27, 2008

Afton and Green Acres.

Green Acres was flippin' cold but had a cool course. In my race on the first lap I hit a barrier and bent my left shift lever pretty bad. In the end I got second with caleb from the hudson race about 30 seconds ahead of me.The A race was beastly and Doug won by about 2 minutes with Dewey behind him. Smithers had a nasty crash that looked really really bad but he was OK. Lindsey has been doing cross for a few weeks now and she is improving a ton at each race. She also has a good cookie recipe.

You can just barely see the bend in my lever

Got ready on Saturday with just a skinsuit and hoped it would warm up. We got there and what do you know it did right before my race. The start of my race got a little screwed up because on the90 degeree turn about 5-10 people went kind of straight. I was the first person not to turn but my back wheel got hit and I did a little driftin'. I was fine and had to work hard to stay away form the group but at the end it was a sprint between my and Adam Kobel and I just beat him. The Cat 3 was fun to watch because Chazzel Dazzel was on the front until he crashed and drifted back a little. The A race was wicked fast and everone looked fast. Dewey ended up winning and Pattycakes still got top 10 after his 21 birthday.Brian Koneman also showed up and did the A race on his brand new TREK X2 with a sweet-o white stem.


Painman said...

Nice riding Jordo. Glad you weren't in the B race, we'd have had our hands full with you.

S1 said...

What r u doing for redbarn costume? Fairy again? Yes no maybe so? Hee hee! Do your homework!

Jordan said...

No not a fariy. Im gonna be a metrosexual devil